1. "What’s so scary about smart girls?"

    The question was posed by a donor representative speaking at the Girl Summit 2014 this week in London. The speaker’s answer to his own question – that smart girls can change the world – matched the mood of the event, which was upbeat, energetic, and ambitious in its goals. 

    Girl Summit Should Lead to Action

  2. Editrice

    Sometimes I think there’s no such thing called bad writer bcs no matter how bad (s)he writes there’s always an editor to blame—from typos to lifeless characters to holey plot to why-is-it-even-published. And I don’t find myself good enough… yet. Reading bad critics toward my author(s) somehow makes me feel bad about myself professionally.

    Oh boy, who am I to think about work on the Eid’s eve? God, forgive me, please :’)

    Eid mubarak, tumblr people! If I—thru my post(s) or else—happen to hurt you, I sincerely apologize. Thanks for following, better posts next time haha.

    That girl with glasses 8)

  3. Ce que buzzfeed dit sur “How Dateable I Am Actually”. Fuck you, buzz, fuck you :’)

    Ce que buzzfeed dit sur “How Dateable I Am Actually”. Fuck you, buzz, fuck you :’)

  4. "You can [go against team decision], but I trust in the team, believe in the people. The plan was to go out, but the team said ‘no, you are fine, you do not need to go out’. I questioned it a few times, but they said no need and we can see the end result. I cannot always go against advice. We are here as a team, we make decision as a team, and today the outcome was this. As a team in Formula One, as Ferrari, we should not be doing these kind of things. None of us are in our first year. It’s not good for me or the team. A mistake has been made. It’s already been a difficult year, so I don’t see the point to shout. The mistake is done. I’ve made mistakes in the past, I will make them in the future. People make mistakes, but there are things we have to change to improve. These are not easy times. I have a contract, I fully believe in Ferrari, I’ve enjoyed a lot of wins and success with them. It’s been a difficult year, which is life. It’s not fun when you have hard times, it’s happened before and that’s how it goes."

    Kimi Raikkonen

    "We are here as a team, we make decision as a team."

  5. Thesis on “Frozen” ROFLMAO yes bcs I can! (Source: buzzfeed)

    Thesis on “Frozen” ROFLMAO yes bcs I can! (Source: buzzfeed)

  6. "Save your resolutions for your never new year, there is only one solution I can see here: Love."
    Sara Bareilles’ Bottle It Up
  7. "Nabi saja difitnah, apalagi cuma Quraish Shihab."
    Quraish Shihab
  8. Bumped into this video made me feel so melancholy—I miss my old guitar that I abandoned deja for so long! Nah, I ain’t a guitar freak, I simply started to learn it about two years ago so that I could guitar myself while I’m singing and make some posts on soundcloud (silly, I know). Haha anyway thank you, Ary, for exactly stating that the way you played it here is called fingerstyle, been a fan for such style but never knew that there’s a name for it until I watched this. Enjoy it, tumblr people, he did it so good! Trust me that one day I’ll do this version of mine :”D

  9. Uh-uh

    Sometimes it ain’t about this pretty face nor that killing abs nor the superlative intelligence. It’s a whole package of how you bring yourself. What is it called, charm? Sexiness? Such thing is killing me.

  10. "If you find a darkness in your heart after you sinned , know then that in your heart there is light, because of this light you felt the darkness."

    Ibn Al Jawzi

    Simple logic

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