1. Kyoto Inferno

    Setelah yang pertama cuma bisa nonton di laptop, yang kedua ini akhirnya tayang di bioskop. Jualan masa lalu sih ini judulnya, jadi nontonnya atas nama nostalgia—walau sebenernya gue ngefansnya bukan sama Samurai X tapi sama Sanosuke Sagara dan di versi live action ini Sano-nya absurd banget. Tapi samas nggak nyesel lah nontonnya. Kalo dibandingin yang pertama yang ini nampaknya lebih seru dan konfliknya lebih kompleks. Koreogrfi sama wardrobe-nya juga sabi. Tokohnya juga nambah walaupun favorit gue masih Hajime Saito sama Megumi Takani. Shishio, Aoshi, sama Shojiro-nya boleh dipuji juga. Cuma durasinya agak kelamaan aja. Best part? Hm kayaknya pas bagian pedang Arai. Pas gregetnya. Tapi yang paling bikin gregetan sih tetep endingnya.

    Btw fyi komiknya sekarang dicetak ulang. Sabi nih dikoleksi.

  2. "Kok makan sosis mulu, itu banyak sodiumnya, lho."
    Brother majoring in nutritional science told me that. Even if idk what am I gonna be if I eat sodium that much, idk either if he’s bragging about his knowledge or simply care about my health, this is one of the rare-sweet things he ever said to me. Grazie mille, fratello ti amo :’)
  3. Story of My Life

    Working in a publishing house, being an editor (it means reading/judging/revising “books” before they were books), getting free books every week—let’s say she’s sick of books.

    Yet she spends her money on books as well.


  4. Lost in Translation

    Lost in Translation

  5. Perhaps.


  6. "Home, love, family—I will never feel complete until I find you."
    Anastasia’s “Journey to the Past”
  7. "It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages."
    Friedrich Nietzsche
  8. Martha

    I mentioned this name a lot on my prev posts. Yes, she’s one of my besties. The mager one, yet now in the air—literally—on her way to France. The dont-know-what-I-want one, yet now finally decides to become an au-pair for the following year. Best of luck on everything, my I-am-not-chinese fella! Fuck the distance, we live in 21st century hahaha. Be strong, be fierce, be fearless, be french… and be back!

  9. Et voilà !

    Et voilà !

  10. He seems happy about that, and I’m happy about the fact that he’s happy :)

    (Herbert asking the important questions - Belgian GP ‘14)

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